FIBER OPTIC - My name is Shawn Richeson, and I am the owner of Click a Nerd, as well as its chief problem solver. Call or text me at 254-230-9311 any time. My shop is located at 1906 Twilight Drive in Killeen Texas 76543, and I have serviced clients like you for over 30 years.

In recent months, I entered into an agreement with FiberFirst, and installed their fiber optic circuit at my home/office in Killeen Texas. The speeds are amazing.

Unlike your typical cable provider, our distribution methods are far superior in everyway. We run fiber optic underground below the frost line. Hence - elements like Texas summers and rains have no effect on us.

Small business, residential, and even Government entities, can all benefit from fiber optic service. Watching 4K TV streams through fiber is amazing. If you are running a game server, FiberFirst is simply a "must Have".