If you own (1-5) PC's, and you want us to remove a virus, configure them on your network, or just make them work faster, then select 1-5 PC: $50.00 USD - monthly from the left drop down above.  If you own (6) or more PC's, and desire the same service, then select that number of PC's.  This applies to all IBM compatible computer manufacturers, as well as apple hardware.  Instead of waiting for IT problems, you pay a tiny fraction of a service call each month, and in turn, we constantly monitor, and remedy your problems on a priority basis.  We support all server platforms, and client operating systems. 


Before you may enroll in one of our discounted maintenance
plans - we need to analyze your situation.


We are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, and certified to design and install signal boosters, amplifiers, and most other RF communication devices, within the 3G, 4G & 5G frequency spectrum's.



Here is where we separate the men from the boys.

Scenario 1) You drop your $1500.00 MacBook air
and you see this.


You pray your backups are up to date.

Yes - We can recover data from hard drives, solid state devices,
USB drives and any other electronic media.


Scenario 2) You walk into your office and see a
USB thumb drive snapped off in the USB port.


We can recover data from a broken USB thumb drive.

When your local computer shop says "we have to send it out" - it is
experts like us they are sending it out to.

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